akaryon is an IT company – Web Tools since 1999

We founded our company at a time when the Internet was still quite young. We wanted to seize the opportunity and be among the first to explore the potential: Networking and spreading ideas in a new way.

Since then, we have been designing and developing websites, apps and digital tools for different target groups with the focus on environment. Because that’s next:

akaryon is an environmental specialist – researching for sustainability

We are not only an IT company, but also a research-based company: we conduct applied sustainability research.

Consistently, we work with scientists to develop products and services that help people act in an environmentally friendly way. We also carry out environmental education projects for different target groups.

Our focus areas: Strategies for the development of sustainable energy supply systems in living spaces ranging from villages to cities, and the analysis of the impact of companies, organizations and individuals on the environment.
Individuals impact on the environment.

In doing so, we use one thing very centrally: our IT competence, our environmental informatics knowledge. We translate “concepts to save the world” into formulas & codes. What we always have in mind: Software that helps to make good things even better quickly and easily, data easier to manage and indicators easier to calculate..

This is how software solutions such as the ESG Cockpit or the REsys energy user calculator are created. Or our participation in the Stadtoase project. Or or …

akaryon is a consulting company – we support in the area of project funding

Over the years, we have learned what is important in managing and financing successful projects. We pass on this knowledge and support project ideas in all possible areas and with a wide variety of locations.

We are there for SMEs, but also larger companies, NGOs and NPOs, platforms and institutions serving the public or even private individuals – exciting ideas can come from anywhere.