Draw the balance…

The CO2-Coach, a web-based tool like many from akaryon, calculates your personal Co2 balance based on questions you answer in the course of 11 steps. Topics of these questions are housing, mobility, nutrition, consumption, and environment.


About 8 minutes later (the approximate duration of the answer) the final result:

  • at the top, is your personal Co2 balance, a number measured in t CO2 equivalent
  • further, you can compare this with the average values of the Austrians*.
  • furthermore, a table shows details
  • additionally, you have again insight on your input
  • last but not least: Measures or tips for Co2 reduction!

Note: Switching to renewable electricity, for example, would reduce my carbon footprint by 0.2 tons of Co2!

Now it’s up to you to take stock! https://www.co2-coach.at/home

The CO2-Coach was created on behalf of the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria.