Measure and manage environmental performance

ESG-Cockpit - Umweltdaten-Tool

More and more consumers want to know about the environmental impact of their purchases. Companies (and “organizations of all kinds”) are increasingly required to provide information about their carbon footprint. Even legislation now demands reporting – see in Austria the NaDiVeG, Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (as the implementation of the EU NFI Directive).

Against this background, we at akaryon have developed a software for standardized CSR reporting and sustainability management: The ESG Cockpit (formerly: Environmental Data Tool). For companies of all sizes that want to remain competitive in these times. For all organizations that want to live sustainability. A tool to get a grip on the facts and figures without stress, and to focus on the essentials – the actions!

CSR reporting according to current standards

What company/organization-specific data needs to be collected and analyzed in order to measure and communicate the impacts?

The ESG Cockpit can be used to collect data and calculate indicators – for example, the CO2 backpack or the ecological footprint. But it can also evaluate performance much more comprehensively, using the metrics of standardized targets, such as:

  • the waste management concept
  • the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS
  • the Global Reporting Initiative GRI
  • the environmental management systems ISO 14001
  • the Economy of Common Good
  • the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

Analyze impacts and derive measures

We do not want to stop at reporting, but support the users in increasing positive impacts and reducing negative ones.

The ESG Cockpit (environmental data tool) facilitates the process and simplifies

  • the analysis of the current situation at different company locations and in the company as a whole
  • the derivation of to-dos or management strategies.

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