„Guide Me“ is a new type of video assistance system for travelers

All that is needed is a smartphone, from which help can be requested from a control center at the touch of a button. The helpers at the control center receive the call for help via the “Guide Me” application, in which the live camera image, audio, and data connection to the person seeking help are available. The current location and important information about the person (home address, etc.) are transmitted.

In this way, the helper can optimally support all people who feel insecure in complex buildings such as shopping malls, subways, train stations, or airports in navigation and orientation, daily or even in special situations (e.g. when the bus once leaves from another bus lane …). For deaf, blind, and elderly people.

How can “Guide Me” be used?

“Guide-Me” is a tool for transport operators, building managers, and public administration to generate a unique navigation/orientation service for their end-users. Guide Me can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, but also easily via API frameworks into any customer application as a background system. Guide Me is multi-tenant and multi-lingual.

A comprehensive online training program for operators with videos, 360° images, and various use cases is currently being developed. e.g. how to support a blind person crossing a multi-lane road.

Guide-Me is developed, offered, and operated together with Bischof-IT.

Website: www.guide-me.at