The energy transition always starts locally – with REsys, the most effective energy strategies can be easily found.


With REsys one can

  1. collect current data on energy demand and energy production in all sectors of a community (infrastructure, residential, industry, commerce, mobility)
  2. determine how high the potential for renewable energy sources is and for which ones exactly (all currently possible technologies according to the state of research are taken into account)
  3. form scenarios and consider storage technologies as well
  4. check the share of renewables, the investment needs and the climate impact of the scenarios
  5. put the own community in the context of the whole country – thanks to a benchmarking approach.

REsys displays status quo and planning data in hourly resolution. This means that it is not only possible to draw up a balance sheet for a calendar year – as is usually the case – but also to display and, above all, take into account fluctuations in energy demand and supply over time. This is exactly the prerequisite for economically and ecologically reliable scenarios and correct statements on the energy self-sufficiency of a region.

Save time and money with REsys

  • Due to our development work, basic data such as the climate data of a municipality are already automatically stored in the system. This saves time when assessing the current status – with just a few entries you can get the first simulations of demand and generation, you can deepen them as required.
  • Graphical representations make complex calculations quick and easy to understand and help to argue in meetings – for example in the municipal council. This makes it easier to get to the point when discussing and making decisions and, above all, to act!

The REsys tool website (with demo video of the tool):

The website of the REsys research projecte:

Currently, there is the extremely exciting research project “Energiewende konkret”, in which REsys will change quite a bit … namely to an energy transition toolbox.