Manage local government tree inventories

Treevolution ist eine Cross-Plattform-Lösung aus App und Web-Tool für den In- und Outdoor-Einsatz zur Erfassung, Kontrolle und Überwachung von Baumbeständen.

Treevolution is a cross-platform solution App and web tool for indoor and outdoor use to record, control and monitor tree populations.

We develop and support this solution for Treevolution GmbH, Germany.

treevolution - maptrees

How does it work?

  • The data is recorded outdoors on mobile devices, and there is a GPS connection for exact location, trees and groups of trees can be entered directly into maps
  • Offline and online recorded contents can be synchronized optimally
  • Status classification, life and control cycles of trees are visualized
  • Data from existing cadastres or various other data sources can be imported
  • Exports allow e.g. further evaluations and accounting