With Beyond NEET(D)s you can find your lead!

Beyond NEET(D)s is a project that targets individuals who are not in education, employment, or training (“NEETs“) or who are below that status.

The project provides open and empowering opportunities focused on the individual, their needs, and their personal situation, by applying a motivational gamification approach. This gives NEETs and people beyond this status access to vocational training opportunities and the labor market and boosts their personal confidence and motivation. They will then be able to define and implement skills and steps for entering the world of work or choosing a VET pathway.

BEYOND NEET(D)S - Find Your Track

akaryon is the contractor responsible for the development and implementation of the digital tools.

Beyond NEET(D)s Report

Frameworks and needs for consultation process and integration plans – already available: Beyond NEET(D)s report.

Beyond NEET(D)s Integrated Counseling Model

Model toolkit for guidance, can be used online, offline, or blended learning.

Beyond NEET(D)s Personal Integration Card

playful online platform for cooperation between mentor and mentee

Beyond NEET(D)s Synergy Accelerator Magazin

researches and describes the political framework in the partner countries, bundles knowledge and projects, and supports decision-makers in the context of labor market policy.

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BEYOND NEET(D)S - Find Your Track
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