Digitalization between science and economy
A Smart City project with a focus on innovative green space design.


The Stadtoase project is about the sustainable design of the city of St. Pölten – with a view to the environment but also to social issues and with the support of innovative technologies.

The project team starts with green space design: 15 partners want to build green islands in the city together with the citizens of St. Pölten, urban oases that are good for the climate and the people. The main ingredients: Plants & technology.

Urban climate research and oasis design with the local community.

Among the partners is also akaryon. Together with the other project partners, we want to do something about the urban heat and document it. Therefore, we have installed measuring stations at some locations, which provide information about temperature changes and other climate values. In addition, mobile measurements are being carried out.

We also want to find out whether something has changed for the citizens personally, whether they feel more comfortable because of the oases. That’s why we are asking them. To ensure that we act in their interest from the very beginning, anyone who is interested can join us in planning and implementing the oases. With a high level of citizen participation, we want to work together and make changes in a sustainable way.

Why is akaryon involved?

We like to make science tangible – for instance with useful tools: In the Stadtoase project, we program apps that collect all climate data and the opinions of all citizens. This is how we make the research results tangible.

One of our specialties is online presences. We program websites and think about social media strategies. We are also responsible for this in this project.

Project duration: January 2018 to July 2020

Project website with more info:

This project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and is part of the “Smart Cities Demo” program.