„DITOGA = “Digital tracking of vocational training graduates using autoanalytics to increase the quality and sustainability of vocational training and education“.

An international Erasmus+ project coordinated by Jugend am Werk Styria from Austria and co-funded by the European Commission. Partners from six EU countries (Austria, Italy, Finland, Spain, Belgium, and Ireland) are working together to find solutions.

DITOGA - expanding vocational training and continuing education

akaryon is the contractor responsible for the development and implementation of the digital tools.

Tracking Strategy

VET providers learn how to use the data collected to improve their training programs.

Mobile App

VET graduates analyze their daily challenges and identify potential skills gaps.

Analyse software

Vocational training providers analyze the data and derive recommendations for future training programs.

Project schedule/content

As a first step, young people, training institutions, and companies were asked what they lack in vocational training and talked about possible skills gaps, for example. From this input, a list of measurement criteria and a list of questions were created.

The next step was to develop an auto analytics app for cell phones to be used by vocational education graduates. The app allows young people to provide feedback about their education and real-life needs after completing their vocational training. The responses from the app are then anonymized, analyzed, and evaluated using special software. In the end, these results and any conclusions drawn from them are made available to vocational training institutions in anonymized form using the DITOGA Analytics software.

Further information about the project and contact:

Website: www.ditoga.eu

Facebook: @DITOGA

DITOGA - expanding vocational training and continuing education
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