Settlement structures can have very different sustainability impacts.

This is especially interesting to know when decisions need to be made – densify here or rebuild there? Where to rebuild? What to rebuild? How much mobility will this entail? And can this be done as sustainably as possible and in a way that is convenient and efficient for residents?

In the EE-Settlement research project, Norwegian research partners and the BOKU Institute of Spatial Planning, Environmental Planning, and Land Use Management are exploring these questions.


How can those involved incorporate sustainability impacts into their decision-making?

We make the findings interactively accessible for users from urban and regional planning – via a web-based solution.

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Project website:

The previous project should also be mentioned here: In the project “ZERsiedelt”, the urban sprawl was investigated – also in terms of energy and costs: – there is a video summarizing the research results, publications, and the “Grey Energy Calculator Housing”.