Energy transition in concrete terms – regionally integrated with resource / energy and value creation potential

The main goal is:

  • to map the ecological and economic potential of energy planning in a multi-dimensional manner
  • to calculate and visualize where which measures are necessary and effective for the use of renewables and for increasing energy efficiency
  • and which resource, energy and value-added potentials are to be raised.

We create a digital toolbox for the elaboration of integrated energy concepts for municipal and regional responsible persons and planners with:
1) energy map software for the location of measures, e.g. energy plants, including the calculation of area requirements and potential energy yields.
2) coupled optimized energy transition calculator REsys for comparison of demand and generation over time and PNS software for economic optimization of plants
3) a standardized communication and process design for economic project implementation involving stakeholders in energy transition processes.
4) plus: we create and integrate functions for local climate models and the determination of costs and benefits of energy transition measures from a regional economic perspective.

The consortium:
akaryon -coordinates the project, collaborates on the mathematical models, is responsible for common data structures and develops some for the toolbox, starting from the tool Resys, which has been designed and launched in recent years together with Dr. Günter Wind and Dr. Horst Lunzer, among others, both of whom are also involved in the project.
Strateco OG – will contribute the optimization tool PNS and lead the work with the users.
IBBD – will contribute climate models and data.
STUDIA – will provide cost, benefit and value analysis.
TU Wien und BOKU Wien – will provide data and modeling on the energy supply and demand side.

The project is supported by the FFG under the COIN funding scheme.