Energy Transition Action Day


We empower students to

  • make their hometown greener and more future-proof
  • learn important lessons about sustainable mobility, energy and housing and
  • to call on those responsible in their home city to take action.

A new ERASMUS+ project, an action day on the energy transition, was launched in fall 2023. The project is managed by multivision, an association from Germany that organizes educational events and project days for secondary schools in Germany and Austria. The consortium is completed by a school from Greece and a school from Romania, which we have already come to know as reliable partners in the e-co-foot project.

Akaryon is contributing a learning tool in which students aged 15 – 19 can plan actions for the energy transition in their city. The tool is embedded in an action day on which the students receive information on sustainable mobility and housing and environmentally friendly energy production.

The culmination is a discussion with representatives of the city, where they have to answer questions about how much of the energy transition has already been implemented. A variety of methods and a mixture of theory and practice, as well as school knowledge and everyday administration should lead to deep insights and actual changes.

Training teachers with the reusable materials makes it possible to continue the energy transition action day with other classes.

Ideally, learners, teachers and decision-makers will leave the action day with more knowledge and more motivation and act together for a sustainable future.

More information about the project:


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