In the fair-career project, we focus on “ourselves” – in a special way:

It’s about building knowledge and skills on gender, equality, equal opportunities, women’s advancement and equality, career planning.

And we do this together in a participatory process involving all employees.

In the course of this, we also analyze, for example, our special work routine – with the specific feature of 100% telecommuting – and try to improve our “system” and thus support the work-life balance of the employees even better – and of course also the quality and creativity of the work.

The findings (equal opportunities in small companies with decentralized organization and an equal opportunities monitoring system) are to be systematically processed and also made available to the wider public, especially other small companies, in the form of publications.

This also includes the presentation: We are working on our communications strategy, we have a new logo and, above all, we are following through with the concept that we carry our projects together – that’s why we all tell about them: With us there are no texts from an impersonal outside perspective, but rather all
employees report on the products and projects, and what they do about them
and what they particularly like about it, or what is particularly challenging.

We hope that this will make our company’s gender and sustainability competence highly visible to potential new employees and customers!