The goal of the Murtal region, Styria:

100% renewable energy by 2040.

Testing the energy transition in a selected district and making the process transferable to other regions in Austria – that is the goal of MURREAL.

The selected district is the district “Murtal” (“MUR”) in Styria with its 20 municipalities and more than 70,000 inhabitants, which is structurally representative for numerous other districts in Austria and also a climate and energy model region. For the real laboratory (“REAL”), a development path is created, which other regions can then also copy.

akaryon is responsible for the development and implementation of the digital tools.

Survey energy transition status of the Mur valley

For this purpose, our energy transition calculator Resys (“Local Hero” award of bmvit 2018) is used.

Developing energy mix and value creation scenarios

The scenario tool of the energy transition calculator is available for this purpose

Derive energy transition concept including implementation pathway

In a participatory process, concepts are to be derived from the results of the status survey and the scenarios.

Design the reallaboratory for implementation and document the process.

The reallaboratory is planned taking into account participatory aspects to ensure effectiveness and longevity (including finding the right stakeholder constellations)

Share process and findings from initial implementation on a best-practice knowledge platform with other regions as well.

Digital-interactive online platform with, among other things, the process guidelines for transferring the approach to other regions/cities/locations.

Further information about the project and contact:


Project Coordinator: Energieagentur Obersteiermark GmbH