Sustainable management: Eco-social product labeling system at the point of sale or for retailers

The aim of the project is to make the sustainable impact of purchasing comparable at a glance.
This information decisively meets numerous political challenges (SDG, Rio+20, Climate Protection Agreement 2015 / COP21, etc.): It vividly links purchasing behavior with sustainable resource and energy use, expands this economically for companies with a monetary/material, value bonus-oriented customer loyalty system, and also creates a regional awareness image in a globally networked world.
The developed software system integrates itself with its interfaces optimally into the already existing infrastructure (ERP, cash register systems) and opens, also in the sense of digitalization, with the resource-oriented labeling new sustainable possibilities in the trade.

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The consortium:
akaryon – is coordinating the project, collaborating on the mathematical models, is responsible for the data structures, and is developing the ProNaWi product labeling software
BMD – will equip its merchandise management system with a ProNaWi interface so that the sustainability ratings can be used seamlessly in retail management systems
Harald Orthaber – Initiator is largely responsible for the assessment logic and for involving users.
Circular Analytics and Graz University of Technology are working on the assessments of the first product groups from the food, cosmetics and packaging sectors.
Die Gute Agentur – ensures that trade, producers and consumers will find the system exciting.
Mit biogast, Natur & reform, Spitzwegerich we also have suppliers and trade partners on board, who will be involved in the development and also use it.