The Sustainability Index is a discussion-intensive project in which we have set out to assess the sustainability of companies as a whole. In this project, we want to explore whether it is possible to create a platform on which all people can recognize and evaluate the sustainability of all companies based on existing data and their own assessments.

The first year was dedicated to analyzing existing frameworks, standards and communicating with operators of existing, other platforms.

In stakeholder workshops, there was a lively exchange on how sustainability can be communicated well by companies.

Sustainability index -

Equally labor-intensive was the analysis and comparison of existing evaluation processes – as far as these are publicly available, they show a variety of possibilities how the evaluation can be designed: through experts, jury meetings, voting of the interested public, machine learning of publicly available information and various feedback loops between the actors. The challenge for 2022 is to set up a sensible structure that does not invent a new evaluation scheme, but rather to link the existing in a sensible and sophisticated way with other things and to achieve results that are as transparent as possible, easy to understand on the one hand and not too simplistic on the other.

For this we need the wisdom of the crowd! Interested parties can register at and actively participate in the design of this exciting project.

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