You’d think that the range of possibilities on the web is getting wider and wider.

We were around when a homepage was still something exotic. Letter by letter manual work. And today – an infinite number of technologies and automations are buzzing around. Yet more and more you get the impression all websites look the same?

It is not so easy to do it differently. It seems to us that the most important thing is to make it authentic.

What is certainly getting bigger: The radius of requirements

Of course, a website should be technically precise and work on all devices. Usability or user experience, or both? Security would be good, so that hacker messages don’t appear on the screen right away. Furthermore: optimized for being found. Accessible and easy to update. Keyword CMS systems. And then there were the legal requirements, e.g. the DSGVO regulation. And and and …

If it should also be a store should be

Then there is a lot more to consider: Even more legal framework. Data security regarding customer data and payment systems. And please automate invoicing, connection to CRM and merchandise management! And which store system is recommended?

It is still simple and efficient

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