Urban Menus

Developing visions for public spaces: This is where the Urban Menus, web tool comes in, which can be used to quickly display and walk through images of the future in 3D – whether it’s a village square, an inner-city neighborhood or an expansion area, and where ever something new is to be created.

With Urban Menus, specialists as well as future users can be involved in a participatory manner. Before real investments are made, effects in terms of resources & ecology, society & urbanity as well as economic efficiency can be evaluated. A new space can be developed less laborious, faster, cheaper and better!

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Urban Menus is a project of the internationally active architect and urbanist Laura P. Spinadel, Managing Director of BOA GmbH for Visualizations & Multimedia and of BUSArchitektur.
akaryon supports in the IT backend and on the algorithm side, regarding the impact of different planning variants in terms of sustainability.

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