Gemeinsame Abschlusskonferenz des Energy Communities Repository und des Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

The Energy Communities Repository and Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub have been committed to supporting energy communities in their journey for the past two years. At the joint closing conference, there is the chance to talk about the key results of these projects with energy community practitioners and experts in the field.

The event will feature appealing case studies from energy communities that have benefited from the technical assistance of the RECAH or ECR project, as well as experiences from identified best practices. It will also explore the necessary technical, regulatory, and economic conditions for a market design that is centered on the needs of consumers.

More about the projects’ successes and results will be presented and there is the chance to participate in panel discussions as well as in networking opportunities with local groups, professionals, and other significant stakeholders.

You can find information on the event agenda and registration details in the link below.

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