Launch of the Energy Communities Repository Toolbox

Thursday, September 8th the Toolbox of the Energy Communities Repository website is launched. The Toolbox is addressed to members of Energy Communities, people who work in the field, and those who are interested in learning more about Energy Communities. It offers a big variety of materials from technical reports and scientific studies to podcasts and practical tools.
The project partners collected materials surrounding the topic and selected the best fitting information for interested users of the repository. There are many different topics covered in the individual tools. Using the available filtering function on the webpage you can search for keywords, filter for different countries, and select the topic of your interest. Some of the materials of the Toolbox are about energy cooperation or efficiency. Others inform about regulations and financing opportunities. Besides the core topics, you can also find information on surrounding topics like poverty or social inequality in the context of Energy Communities.
If you have some further information or additional materials that you want to share with us, this is also possible by using the button (“Share your tools here!”) on the top of the page.
After the hard work of the whole project team in the last weeks, we are very happy to announce that the Toolbox is now online, and we can share with everybody the knowledge that was gathered.

If you are interested to see what you can find in the Toolbox, or are curious about Energy Communities, or even want to start one yourself visit our website at: